the name

See Genghis Cardigan vs Cardigan Genghis (2013)
RICA 7 (April 13 2013).

The case was bizzarely, and inexplicably, heard in the Rhode Island Court of Appeals. Shook the unsuspecting local knitting community to it’s very soft and snuggly core.

Court transcript available upon request.

cardigan d’origin

Origin #1

After Llarrold quit the instant noodle business in shame he took up a ‘guitarist in residence’ position at his local Lithuanian consulate. Asked to perform at the yearly measuring of the Ambassador’s cow-lick, Drooks formed the first, short-lived incarnation of Genghis Cardigan – an alledgedly all-girl Russell Crowe tributary band known as ‘30-odd Foot of C–t’, but severe ‘tuckin’ chaffage caused a re-think.

And Crowe is a steaming —-.


Origin #2

Independently kidnapped and held for ransom in Dubbo for 12 months, the future band mates survived by cobbling songs together using morse-code, peripheral vision and squirrels until the bus home arrived. Bonding over their 13 month run on the back of out-of-date milk cartons, the lads:
a) exchanged pleasantaries
b) signed a pre-nup
c) burped a baby
d) drew up a set of chorizo slicing protocols
and Genghis Cardigan was born.


Origin #3

redacted leakage

the songs

We were commissioned to write the “page loading” song for an international dating website but cost cutting measures implemented by the paper pushers from capital city resulted in a single letter being ommitted from the creative brief and we were told never to contact said organisation again. And we had to remove our profiles from the site. Since re-badged as the theme song for Hankla’s men’s sexual health charity beyond blue-ball

the beigelist

Dalai Lama, the
motivational speaker, ponzi schemist, ‘C’ list celebrity
Eddie Maguire
fat headed twat
performed by anyone, anywhere, anytime
Joe Hildebrand
sober cock on sunrise
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas
Rolling Stones, the
England’s 3rd best Rolling Stones Tribute Band
Todd Sampson
Aung San Suu Kyi
post-dissident careerist
Waleed Aly
besuited smugster
Gretel Killeen
murdered and ate Hansel, following ‘network’ orders

For the complete and unabridged Genghis Cardigan Beigelist, in case you think one of your acquaintances, nemesii or neighbourhood butchers requires vetting, please email.